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Wet Weekend

As if we haven’t had enough rain here in the UK, yet more is on its way and it is pouring down as I write. Sadly, for many people in the South and West of the country the wet weather is causing much misery and I feel for those who have been flooded out of their homes and businesses yet again. I cannot imagine what such upheaval would be like and I am very grateful that we don’t live in a flood area.

For me the wet weather means a crafty day indoors and I’m sure that I will be able to turn my hand to something. I feel another page of my nieces wedding scrapbook coming on and I wonder if the gorgeous Kaisercraft papers which I ordered on Monday will turn up in the post today? Here’s hoping they do when hubby’s out so I can steal them into my stash without him noticing! Bless him, as soon as I “open my shop” as he calls it, he finds a friend to visit for a few hours, leaving me to spread my stuff all over the dining/kitchen surfaces. He hates mess and is better off out of my way than watching me wreak havoc with his über tidy kitchen.


Two days back at work and I am already noticing the fatigue brought on by the extra travelling but this will improve as I get back into routine, lose some weight and continue with my healthy eating programme. It seems to be working and so far I am 3lbs down on my starting weight. That seems a lot to lose in a short time but it’s how my body reacts and I know that next week it will be on full alert to conserve energy and my weight loss will slow down or come to a halt for a week. I am prepared for this which is just as well as it can be very demoralising to lose weight one week and nothing the next when you have been soooooo good. I have learned not to take much notice of weekly weight loss but look at longer periods like a month-6 weeks. If you keep going you will notice a trend and individuals will have their own ups and downs as their bodies adjust. It’s also a lot to do with the hormone cycle and again, everyone is different in this respect so week-on-week it can change dramatically and affect weight loss.


I find however that it’s easier to keep to my new habits when in the daily work routine than at home where temptation lurks in every corner. The first weekend is always difficult but my determination and resolve is still intact and I will get through to Monday with no blips.

Fingers crossed!

Ditch the guilt

There is a very good reason why airlines tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first in the event of emergency rather than try to help someone else. That is because you need to be fully functional before you can help another. It is important, in fact imperative that you do this otherwise you may not only compromise your own life, but that of others too.

Hopefully, you will never have to put the oxygen mask instructions to the test, but every day similar challenges and demands on your time may lead you to forgo your own physical health and mental wellbeing in order to make more time for others. You end up helping and supporting everyone else, leaving no time for yourself. You may even feel guilty or selfish about devoting time to your own pastimes and enjoyment. But everyone needs time out to live a balanced and healthy life.

Mother Teresa took 4 hours every morning to reconnect before she took a step into the world. Pope John Paul took 3/1-2 hours of quiet time each morning. Would you say that these people were selfish or idle?

Nothing and no one is more important than you are.

It doesn’t need to be for long. It doesn’t need to cost much but a little investment in some “me” time will pay handsome dividends and not only help you, but you will also be helping others too. You will be fresher, more focussed and resilient to the demands of daily life if you spend some time on yourself so go ahead and do it. Guilt free.

Permission granted.

Chill out [Patrick Lindsay]

Take time out.
Walk in the park.
Browse in a bookstore.
Relax in a café.
Go for a run or a swim.
Have a laugh with friends.
Break the cycle.
Then return with your batteries charged.