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No elephants at our picnic!

The topic of  depression can often be the ultimate “elephant in the room“. When depression is mentioned or revealed people often react by looking at their feet, up at the ceiling, anywhere but looking you in the eye and instead resort to shuffling their feet in embarrassment and fear of what to say in response. A rampaging elephant on heat in the room would be more welcome.

Whilst the reaction I have received over the last 12 months to my admission that I have depression has been nothing but supportive and positive, I recognise the “elephant” syndrome from previous experiences.

So how joyous was it yesterday to meet up with fellow Depression Alliance members, depression sufferers, friends, Samaritan volunteers and representatives from MIND for a picnic and to be able to talk openly and honestly about our personal experiences of depression with our “tribe”. It was fantastic and we should do it more often.

If only we can get more people to talk about depression, accept it as an illness like any other, realise that those who get depression are usually the nicest people around and the most dedicated to their work, and that one day we will surely be part of the  majority not the minority so be nice to us NOW! we will have done a good job by educating those who are lucky enough not to have the Black Dog sitting on their shoulder.

In the meantime, picnics like this, social gatherings arranged for like-minded people and their families are the perfect way to embrace this illness and get real support from those who understand.

Picnic now! It’s fun, therapeutic, an opportunity to soak up the rays and boost those Vitamin D levels and to eat healthy summer salads and fruit. If you do what we did and play rounders and indulge in Space Hopper racing, you can also get some exercise too and boost the much-needed endorphines!

What’s stopping you? Picnic this weekend and you will feel better for it!


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Depression Alliance Picnic in the Park coming soon……..

Calling ALL Depression Alliance Facebook page participants, whether you post stuff on the page or whether you “read only”, the DA invite you to a fun-filled afternoon in Stratford-Upon-Avon on Sunday 5 June. There is plenty of room for everyone and I would love us to fill a field in this wonderful location.

This will be a very informal gathering, so bring your family and friends, your picnic and  lots of fun games to play so we can make it an afternoon to remember.  Here you will be able to “Find your inner child” or sit quietly and watch the world go by, stroll along the picturesque river bank or visit local attractions and make a whole day of it.

Here are the details you need; let me know if you are coming so we know to expect you!

The Depression Alliance Picnic in the Park 2011

What’s happening?                

Depression Alliance & friends invite you to their “Picnic in the Park” 


Sunday 5 June 2011 from 12.00pm 


Stratford-upon-Avon Recreation Ground (adjacent to the river and opposite The Shakespeare Theatre)
Swan’s Nest lane, Stratford-upon-Avon,CV37 6BB                                                                 http://www.stratford.gov.uk/transport/recreation-ground.cfm

Directions:  Meet up in the car park and walk along to the DA picnic area which will  be obvious by the gathering of orange Space-hoppers and interesting collection of outdoor games. 

Facilities available:    

Extensive grassy area suitable for a family picnic and fun day out.
Children’s play area.
Toilets and baby changing available in the public toilet block in the car park.   
Wheelchair access is available along the riverside path.  

What to bring:          

 A picnic and any outdoor games for extra fun-factor and of course plenty of sun cream!

Alternative parking:   

 A Park and Ride facility is available 5 minutes out of the town at  


Please note that BBQs are not permitted. 

Nearby attractions:   


Be there or miss out!