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Down but not out

After several days of high energy and welcome positivity, walking from the train station to the office this morning I suddenly faced a wall of doom and gloom. During the 15 minutes it took me to reach the office however I came to the conclusion that there are very good reasons why I feel low and I quickly challenged myself to accept my limitations and to look forward to some rest at the weekend.

I am tired. Plain and simple. This week I have been in a different office every day, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham and today Reading. Travelling is tiring in itself and for me to be sitting in the Reading office at 8.20am after almost 3 hours of train journey into and across London means that I was up early! After such a busy week, it is no wonder that on Thursday I am beginning to flag but so would many people and I have persuaded myself that i’m not being pathetic. Just normal.

So instead of being overwhelmed by the busy weekend ahead; village scarecrow festival (need to make a scarecrow), fetch Will and get us both for a hair cut, and to finish off Sunday afternoon an away football match 50 miles up the motorway I will instead ask for some help. I may not make a scarecrow, it’s not essential whereas a haircut is and I will have a lie in on Sunday morning.

I was down for 10 minutes this morning.

But I’m definitely not out.