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Robbie Savage-from Zero to Hero

All my footie friends knows that when he was a player I detested Robbie Savage. I won’t go into the reasons as it’s all history now, but suffice to say I used to tell everyone that if I won the lottery, I’d buy Robbie Savage and confine him to the bench and make sure he’d never play again.

In fact, such were the heated debates at work that some bright spark managed to change the photograph on my national staff profile to one of Savage much to their hilarity and my despair!

I took an instant dislike to him on Radio 5-Live 606 and it made my day when he was hit in the face by a ball whilst reporting near the touch-line at Villa Park. I even applauded Dion Dublin off the Park for head-butting him in a particularly bad-tempered match against Birmingham City.

But things started to change when he stopped playing. I watched him bring his dad onto the pitch at his last game and cried my eyes out. His exploits on Strictly Come Dancing were heroic and hilarious and typically OTT and I now listen to 606 laughing my head off. Whatever you think about Robbie, he’s good entertainment and actually speaks a lot of sense. Tonight however was brilliant. He told a story about watching his young son play in a football match this weekend and it went like this;

Robbie: ” I was watching my son play football today and his team were winning 3-0.  (Proudly) My son had just scored a goal. Just then his mum rang and asked how he was getting on. I told her that the team was winning and he’d scored a goal”

Mum: “Ask him what he wants for dinner” 

Down to earth with a bump.

Mrs Savage sounds my kind of woman!


Gary Speed- Legend

There are very few people who you can describe as a legend in their own lifetime but the footballer/manager Gary Speed is one of them. Hard working, grounded and the ultimate professional he was an example to all young footballers everywhere and he will be sadly missed.

Appearances suggest that he had everything to live for. Clearly Gary felt otherwise and whether the desperation which led him to take his own life built up gradually or was triggered by recent developments we the public may never know.  I hope however that his beloved family gain some insight into this tragedy so that they have a chance to come to terms with the loss of a husband, son and father and are able to rebuild their lives in due course. Whatever transpires over the coming days and weeks they can be immensely proud of this talented and unassuming man and his achievements.

There have been times in my life that the depression has been so overwhelming and so suffocating that ending my life seemed the only solution but thankfully I have always been able to see through the shroud of darkness and I never lost the hope that keeps you going. I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends and receive amazing support and comfort from the mental health professionals who know me from way back. For some reason Gary lost that hope and it is sad beyond comprehension that he should feel this was the only way out.

My thoughts are with his family and friends who are facing up to a life without Gary and the void he leaves behind. I hope that the media respects their privacy and allows them to grieve without intrusion and idle speculation.

RIP Gary Speed-Legend.

Strictly or X-Factor?

….what is a girl to do?

Like millions of others. I’m hooked on Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor. I rarely watch TV unless it is sports coverage so for me to want to cook dinner on a Saturday evening so that I can watch these programmes at the same time (I can’t possibly admit to sitting down to watch them undisturbed!) is a strange phenomenon.

But to me it makes sense. I have never aspired to be an actress darlings, and “comedy” leaves me cold but as someone who can have a go at most things without looking an idiot, the two things that I am unable to conquer are dancing and singing. It is this lack of talent that keeps me glued to the TV watching others go through the learning process and emerging as heroes in my eyes for just having the courage to have a go (apart for being paid handsomely of course)

I have always wanted to sing so that everyone stops to listen; and dance so everyone stops to watch. But that is never going to happen so I have to make do with the vicarious pleasure that I gain from watching others succeed to various degrees.

People who know me will appreciate my opinions of Robbie Savage on a football pitch but even before he has taken to the dance floor I have “respect” for the guy.

Go Robbie! (In week 1 at least)

Quotes I like-Colemanballs

I love sport and I especially love watching sport on the TV and having a good giggle when the commentators say something funny, ridiculous or rude,often without realising until later. Some commentators are better than others at “Colemanballs” and here is a selection of my latest favourites from the world of football. I hope they make you smile-they did me!

” His head’s the wrong way round”
[Alan Shearer]

“England can win the World Cup. If on the day, they beat the opposition”

“Tonight he’s not had a kick other than two headers”
[Robbie Savage]

“Uruguay is a country of 3 million people half of them are probably women”
[Ray Wilkins]

“Aston Villa attcking their 1000-plus fans behind the goal…..”

“Of course mistakes are made-some are even accidental”
Graham Taylor

“Everyone gave eight out of ten and you can’t ask for any more than that”
[Perry Groves]

“I’m sure they are going to make a couple of substitutions, probably off the bench”
[David Pleat]

” We scored three goals at home and ninety-nine times out of ten that’ll be enough”
[Dean White]

” The goalkeeper-his left hand just disingtegrated”
[Peter Beagrie]

“Zola can relieve himself now he’s 3-0 up”
[Charlie Nicholas]

” Jesus Navas….nobody gets on the end of his cross”
[Sky Sports]

“I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa at a very young age”
[Craig Johnston]