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Feeling better

Today I think I have turned a corner. I didn’t wake up with the heavy weight of foreboding and exhaustion that I’ve had for over a week and although I didn’t exactly leap out of bed full of the joys of Spring, I did manage to get up, get dressed and was ready to leave the house with hubby at 08.00am this morning.

Why would I get up at this time when I could be lounging in bed? Simply because I can’t allow myself to get into the habit of sleeping in, however tempting it maybe, and a couple of hours in town buying fresh fruit and vegetables, treating myself to 30 minutes of “me” time in Cafe Nero with a skinny cappuccino and the Independent crossword is good discipline for when I return to work.

I was exhausted by the time I got back home at 10.00am but by sitting out in the lovely warm sunshine and treating myself to a pedicure and reflexology, I am much rejuvenated. Reflexology always works for me. It makes sense and Judith is an amazing practitioner. Sensitive, knowledgeable and intuitive, I always come away with more answers than questions!

There is hope. I can be useful and I will be able to communicate with my friends, family and colleagues in time. That’s a lot more than I hoped for when in the grim grasp of depression and again I am grateful for all the support I have had to get to this stage.


It’s a life-saver.



Foot loose


I am determined to explore all avenues of healing to help shift this latest bout of depression and looking for a holistic solution I have booked myself a session of Reflexology treatment tomorrow afternoon. Over the years, I have had several Reflexology consultations and all of them have been beneficial in some way. I am therefore hopeful that tomorrow will be no different.

If nothing else 90 minutes of lying still combined with a foot “massage” will undoubtedly help to calm the nerves and sooth the senses.

I know the practitioner well and she has a very calming, soothing and reassuring manner which is just what I need at the moment. She knows me too and it won’t take her long to figure out what ails me! It will be interesting to see if she picks up on my recent kidney stones-my bet is that she does but  let’s wait and see.

The only drawback is that I will have to take hubby to work and have the car for the day. Driving makes me very tired at the moment and the Reflexology will undoubtedly do the same. But it will encourage me get out of the house , which I haven’t done today and it is very easy to get into the habit of staying at home all day every day.

Tomorrow I have to be out and about.

End of story.