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It’s just not cricket!

Laughter is one of the best antidotes to depression and the book  “Colemanballs” provides just that. The cricket season has begun (surprise it’s not raining) so here are a few quotes from the gentile world of cricket.

“Sometimes you’ve got no choice where you’re born” – [Geoffrey Boycott]

“And finally, Johnson gets umpire Koertzen’s finger up…..” – [Christopher Martin-Jenkins]

“He tried to cut off his nose in spite of his face” – [Matthew Hayden]

“The Australians don’t seem to have the wind beneath their belts” – [Matthew Hoggard]

“England really need to bring some impotence into the attack” – [Matthew Hoggard]

“I don’t believe in miracles. the last one I saw was in 1981” – [ Geoffrey Boycott]

” I only watch the replays afterwards” – [Geoffrey Boycott]

“Kent won eleven games unbeaten” – [Chris Adams]

” Normally the Pakistani police have rifles and atomic weapons” – [Geoffrey Boycott]


Depression Awareness Week-“All Things Depression”

Sometimes through the experience of Blogging you come across a real gem. Be it a web-site, a blog or a person who shares the common journey with depression it is a great way to find and share information, support and new friends.

A few weeks ago I received a comment on one of my posts from a reader who has just created the fabulous All Things Depression blog. Fascinated by the title I duly investigated and discovered one of those gems. The site purports to provide “strategies for anxiety, depression, and anger. It does just that and the articles resonate with many.

As part of Depression Awareness Week I am trying to share some of the best self-help and information resources available.

All Things Depression is one of the best. Try it.


I had to laugh to myself when I randomly opened a page in a book I was looking at and came across this series of statements with the question, “Which of these apply to you?”

  • I look after my diet
  • I exercise regularly
  • I spend at least 30 minutes a day doing nothing
  • I meditate often
  • I drink fewer than 3 cups of coffee a day
  • I am comfortable with silence
  • I plan my day
  • I work in a job I like
  • My efforts are recognised by my superiors
  • I take regular holidays
  • I am seldom bored
  • I have a pet
  • I have an active social life
  • I can see the positive side of change

I laughed because I didn’t even need to look at the title of the chapter to guess correctly that it was about stress and how it can be “measured”.

I laughed more because all the things listed above can reduce stress and I still don’t do many of them. And then I cried.

I cried because most of these tasks are simple and should be an automatic part of anyone’s day but I still find them difficult to put into practice. I should look after my diet,  I should get enough exercise, I should take time to relax and take holidays. I should do a lot of things but they just don’t get done.

So trying to take a positive approach I am going to think about small changes I can make so that the next time I come across questions like these, instead of laughing ironically, I have a nice, smug smile on my face instead. 🙂