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In the pink

A temporary respite from crochet flowers. Knitted flowers.

Each petal is knitted separately in either double knitting or 4-ply then sewn together. One layer or two look equally effectve and I have also embellished this one with a few pearlescent beads and a funky button.

Knitting instructions:

Cast on 7 stitches

Rows 1 and 2            Knit

Row 3                          K1, *Kf&b, K3,K1 (9 stitches)

Row 4                          Knit

Row 5                          K1, Kf&b, K5, K1 (11 stitches)

Rows 6-10                  Knit

Row 11                        [K2tog, K1] 3 times, K2tog

Rows 12-14               Knit

Row 15                        K2 tog, **Sl1 kwise, ***K2tog psso, K2 (3 stitches left)

Row 16                      ****  Sl1 kwise, K1 psso (2 stitches)

Transfer stitch from right needle to left needle and cast off.

*Kf&b = Knit into the front and the back of the next stitch to increase.

** sl1 Kwise = Instead of knitting the next stitch, slip it from the left needle to the right needle.

*** K2tog psso= Knit the next 2 stitches together, then pass the slipped stitch (see ** above) over the last stitch knitted to decrease.

***Slip the first stitch from the right needle to the left needle. Knit the second stitch and pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch to decrease. 

To finish off: Transfer the remaining stitch on the right hand needle to the left and pass the stitch on the left over the right (1 stitch remaining) cast off and secure.


Plain and Simple

In the midst of a hectic work schedule I still try to find a few moments to lose myself in creativity albeit just a few moments when I need to keep it plain and simple.

But, plain and simple can be effective. By cutting out very plain heart shapes out of an old map of Northamptonshire and grouping them in rows it is amazing how eye-catching this picture is.

Note to oneself….must do more.