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So long December, welcome 2011

It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was writing ” So long November, hello December” promising to make this last month of 2010 a more sedate and calm affair. What a laugh. Despite my best intentions, it seems like I have been busier than ever, but then that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for.

December was dominated by the weather. Snow, ice, blizzards and sub-zero temperatures like I’ve never experienced (since I was born in February 1963) all combined to wreak havoc with my travel plans  making my final 2010 visit to my colleagues in Scotland impractical. Christmas was white, albeit that no snow actually fell near home that day, but we still managed to keep to our original plan of having a Barbecue instead of the traditional roast. The snow did melt in time for our annual Lubenham village walk which led to copious amounts of sludge being brought back to the pub for well-deserved stew and dumplings. It’s not nice being hosed down in December in the car park !

My fund-raising Santa Run scheduled for 5th December in Greenwich Park was cancelled due to the dangerous conditions, but I did fulfil my part of the bargain by completing the run on my treadmill resplendent in Santa costume. Another first and I raised a total of £1,500.00 for the Depression Alliance.

I am still enjoying writing my Blog and I am never short of things to say, just the time to write. In the New Year I will be spending more time trying to keep fit so I may not be so prolific with my posts in 2011…we’ll see.

Yet more lovely new friends this month; Andrew may be regretting his Facebook friend request which he fired off early in December. I’m not sure he fully realised what he was letting himself in for being a fellow (very depressed ) Aston Villa fan of 40 years standing and having so much in common. Andrew I apologise now for being so verbal and opinionated but you seem to be coping admirably! I also welcome Carole, fellow depressioneer as well as Will Gibson from Reading University hoping to climb Scarfell Pike on New Year’s Day to raise funds for MIND. What an inspiration this guy is.

Will’s Fundraising page

As well as welcoming new friends, I had to say “Goodbye” to two friends at work, both of who have fantastic new opportunities awaiting them in the New Year and thoroughly deserved too. Whilst I will miss Nicky and Emma when visiting Birmingham, I wish them all the best in their new roles and know that we will keep in touch regardless. “Good Luck Girls-Kick Ass”.

Dream Alliance won’t have the chance to defend his Welsh National crown this year, the race is postponed until January 8th. I will still be cheering him on and will no doubt have a few pennies on his back (but can’t watch) hoping that he repeats his remarkable feat of last Christmas-a real Dream come true.

All in all not a bad month and Christmas was far less stressful than usual. Perhaps that was because I ignored it as far as possible but now feel very guilty for not sending my son a Christmas card. Next year, I may feel more festive and do the job properly. Or I might be able to persuade the family to decamp to Iran. Now that would be a really cool Yule.


Depression Alliance-Santa Fun Run

I must be crazy, but I have committed myself to “running” the Greenwich Park 5k to raise funds for the Depression Alliance on Sunday 5 December. To add to the fun, all participants will be dressed in Santa suits, including beard (but not artificial belly as one person has asked).

I have received some fabulous donations so far, but would like to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful charity who do so much good and offer support not just to depression sufferers themselves, but also to their friends and family. Something often overlooked.

I have been warned that the weather may be cold, and therefore have been recommended to stock up on mince pies for energy! Good idea! But perhaps not before I do the run as I still need to shed a few pounds to make it a little easier on the creaking joints!

Raising funds is not easy, and I’m not fond of asking people for cash, especially at this time of year. But I am totally supportive of this cause and passionate about raising awareness of depression and eliminating the stigma attched to depression and mental illness as much as I can. So please consider making a donation, however small. It all adds up and “from little acorns, big oaks grow”.

You can make a donation on-line and it is very simple to do so.


No amount is too small and every £1 makes a difference.

Thank you and best wishes

Caroline (Mrs Santa)