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Today I can’t help feeling disappointed.The reason for my disappointment? The cancellation due to poor weather conditions of the Santa 5k Fun Run in Greenwich Park London where I was supposed to be running to raise funds for the Depression Alliance. For the last 6 weeks, I have been gearing myself up for this event, raising funds and looking forward to a silly day out dressed up as Santa Claus, jingling my way round the park wearing sleigh-bell wristbands and my very own “Caroline” Santa hat.

I don’t normally do silly things, and I certainly don’t go in for dressing up or fancy dress parties but today was going to be different. To celebrate the year I’ve had  I was ready to let myself go and enjoy a bit of frivolity with the other runners on the DA team. I wanted to end the year on a high and this seemed the ideal opportunity.

But I refuse to let the weather beat me completely so I’m going to organise my very own Santa 5 k fun run scheduled for next weekend.

Tomorrow I will seek out the fancy dress shop on Granby Street in Leicester and buy myself a Santa suit. At some point during the week, I will decorate my treadmill in the garage with tinsel and baubles. I will make sure that I know how to set my camera up on the video function and next Saturday I will do my own silly Santa run. Ok, so it won’t be quite the same running on my own in the uninspiring surrounds of my garage  instead of with thousands of fellow Santas in the beautiful Greenwich Park, but at least I will have done it.


Depression Alliance-Santa Fun Run

I must be crazy, but I have committed myself to “running” the Greenwich Park 5k to raise funds for the Depression Alliance on Sunday 5 December. To add to the fun, all participants will be dressed in Santa suits, including beard (but not artificial belly as one person has asked).

I have received some fabulous donations so far, but would like to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful charity who do so much good and offer support not just to depression sufferers themselves, but also to their friends and family. Something often overlooked.

I have been warned that the weather may be cold, and therefore have been recommended to stock up on mince pies for energy! Good idea! But perhaps not before I do the run as I still need to shed a few pounds to make it a little easier on the creaking joints!

Raising funds is not easy, and I’m not fond of asking people for cash, especially at this time of year. But I am totally supportive of this cause and passionate about raising awareness of depression and eliminating the stigma attched to depression and mental illness as much as I can. So please consider making a donation, however small. It all adds up and “from little acorns, big oaks grow”.

You can make a donation on-line and it is very simple to do so.


No amount is too small and every £1 makes a difference.

Thank you and best wishes

Caroline (Mrs Santa)