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Bunny burgers and the silent farts of elephants

When we arrived in Iran last Monday, I never thought that I’d be writing about bunny burgers and the silent farts of elephants but here we are. The glory of language is in the translation and origin of local words, phrases and terminology and here we have two beauties. I’m sure I will come across many more but just to whet your appetite;

“Bunny burgers” is simply a very loose translation from the english phrase ” (beef) burger in a bun” and I guess that shortened to “bunny burger” it just about works!

“Chuss-e-Pheel” translates as the silent farts of elephants and is actually the Iranian name for Popcorn! I did ask why it is called Chuss-e-Pheel but it appears that there is no hilarious or amazing reason other than it is a phrase which sounds like the person who brought Popcorn to Iran which has been bastardised over time.

 How disappointing. I thought I’d learnt something today; that elephants fart silently but I guess that’s just too much to ask but I’m not sure I’ll be ordering a bucket of Chuss-e-Pheel at the cinema!

Elephant rescue


There’s nothing quite like a heart-warming true story to chase those blues away and the one I received today from a friend is one of the best. It really cheered me up (not that I was feeling miserable) and in sharing it, I hope that it brings you as many smiles as it did me earlier.

Elephant rescue