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Wet Weekend

As if we haven’t had enough rain here in the UK, yet more is on its way and it is pouring down as I write. Sadly, for many people in the South and West of the country the wet weather is causing much misery and I feel for those who have been flooded out of their homes and businesses yet again. I cannot imagine what such upheaval would be like and I am very grateful that we don’t live in a flood area.

For me the wet weather means a crafty day indoors and I’m sure that I will be able to turn my hand to something. I feel another page of my nieces wedding scrapbook coming on and I wonder if the gorgeous Kaisercraft papers which I ordered on Monday will turn up in the post today? Here’s hoping they do when hubby’s out so I can steal them into my stash without him noticing! Bless him, as soon as I “open my shop” as he calls it, he finds a friend to visit for a few hours, leaving me to spread my stuff all over the dining/kitchen surfaces. He hates mess and is better off out of my way than watching me wreak havoc with his über tidy kitchen.


Two days back at work and I am already noticing the fatigue brought on by the extra travelling but this will improve as I get back into routine, lose some weight and continue with my healthy eating programme. It seems to be working and so far I am 3lbs down on my starting weight. That seems a lot to lose in a short time but it’s how my body reacts and I know that next week it will be on full alert to conserve energy and my weight loss will slow down or come to a halt for a week. I am prepared for this which is just as well as it can be very demoralising to lose weight one week and nothing the next when you have been soooooo good. I have learned not to take much notice of weekly weight loss but look at longer periods like a month-6 weeks. If you keep going you will notice a trend and individuals will have their own ups and downs as their bodies adjust. It’s also a lot to do with the hormone cycle and again, everyone is different in this respect so week-on-week it can change dramatically and affect weight loss.


I find however that it’s easier to keep to my new habits when in the daily work routine than at home where temptation lurks in every corner. The first weekend is always difficult but my determination and resolve is still intact and I will get through to Monday with no blips.

Fingers crossed!


Portion control-Iranian style

Diet saboteur technique number 2

I don’t think that Feri has quite got the hang of the portion control concept. 

Here is tonight’s evening meal prepared lovingly for 2 (TWO) persons.

Oh, and that’s not including the dill rice and Iranian flatbread.

Beware the saboteur…..

Losing weight is hard enough, but to have a saboteur waiting in the wings is rather galling. Especially when it’s my husband who has promised his support in my quest to be a little slimmer. 

Mmmmm….it didn’t last long.

Inspired by my Facebook friend who will soon  be half the woman she was by the time I next meet her for lunch, I forced myself to change into my new (bigger) running shorts and trainers and headed for the treadmill in the garage armed with bottle of water and sweat towel. (It made me feel good even if I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do much first time out.)

I struggled to remember where the “on” switch is 😦 but managed to sort myself out with a suitable speed (not very fast) and incline (not very steep) and a quiz programme to watch on the TV so I could get going.

I had only walked for 2 minutes when I realised that hubby, bless him, had come into the garage and lit up a cigarette! I don’t like smoke at the best of times, but after psyching myself up to start exercising, I didn’t need to be running through a fog of nicotine and my clothes to smell of smoke. So, I stopped. And I swore. And I shouted. And I stormed off in a sulk.

I’m still sulking but sanguine. Hubby’s still hiding in the Doghouse (local pub).

Tomorrow’s another day.

Here we go again!

Portion control, planning, plenty of water and Pro-Points. It can only be WEIGHTWATCHERS!

The time has come to knuckle down and shift some of this excess blubber. It has to happen before it’s too late and becomes a permanent fixture into my dotage. I almost started my latest weight-loss journey yesterday, but an attack of the shakes travelling home on the train  (low blood sugar) scuppered my valiant attempt and desperately searching through my handbag I miraculously found a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!

Now I could have got away with that (I get 49 points a week to spend on misdemeanours) if I hadn’t then heard the news that Alex McCleish had been sacked by Aston Villa.  Celebration was a must and so we stopped off at the pub on the way home for a couple of “pints on Alex”!  More misdemeanours and points running short in supply.

This morning however, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she has just lost 3 stones, and is starting out on ditching stone number 4. WOW! What an achievement and so inspirational just at the right time for me. Back on track and a successful day. I need lots more successful days.

Determination, discipline and dedication.


Epiphany- (my Aha! moments)

This week hubby asked “what is Epi-Fanny?”. My initial reaction was to wonder what sort of magazine he was reading at breakfast time but then it dawned on me that he really meant Epiphany (Aha! moment]. Apart from being the Christian celebration of the Three Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus on the 12th day after Christmas, an Epiphany is the sudden realization or comprehension of the  meaning of something, confirmation that you have at last found the last piece of the puzzle. An Aha! moment.

Today is my Epiphany. I have decided to combine several Aha! moments with being wise to bring about a change in lifestyle long overdue. I realise that I am never going to lose weight or get fit by eating copious amounts of chocolates, biscuits and cakes, or by slurping my way through litres of vino (even if someone did tell me that a glass of wine counts as one of your 5-a-day because it is made out of grapes).  These changes will also help my mood and hopefully bring back some self-control and discipline to my world. I always feel better when I’m in control.

So, the wine glasses have been put out of sight on the top shelf, the remaining chocolate biscuits are in the bin, my treadmill is getting an overhaul, body weight and measurements taken and discipline, determination and direction are the new addictions.

I don’t see any of these changes as negative. I know what it feels like to be slimmer, healthier, mentally strong and in control. It feels GREAT! And that feeling is what I’m going to cling on to in those dark moments when temptation creeps up on me.

It’s not going to be easy, but that will make the end result even sweeter.