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Doing things differently (5) Sunday morning with the girls

Now this is really doing things differently for me, spending Sunday morning with the girls. Sundays are usually taken up by football with my son playing for his local team and with live Premiership matches on TV. I love football and it plays a big part in our lives and I look forward to our Sundays all through the week.

Today however I am trying to recover from a heavy head cold and as I am also feeling fragile with continuing low mood I stayed at home whilst hubby did the football run. What a surprising treat it has been too. I had forgotten what it is like just to sit quietly, doing my cross stitch (thank you Andrew for reminding me how relaxing this pastime is) listening to my chosen CDs. And this is where the girls come in. My CD choices for this morning included Eva Cassidy, Enya and Dido. Wonderful chill out stuff and I feel so much better already.

Eva Cassidy sings what is for me the definitive version of the Wizard of Oz ballad, “Over The Rainbow” and what a tragedy it is that she died at such a young age. Her voice is immense and I’m sure she would have been a huge star.

So I have learned today that doing things differently is OK. In fact it can be great and very liberating. It gives you a chance to regroup and reconnect with what really makes you tick. Gone is that gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. Gone is that mental chatter flying around my head like dervishes on speed and gone is that overwhelming feeling that I have to “do” something to be satisfied with my day.

Sometimes it’s good to do things differently and do nothing.