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Conflict of interests

After a few lovely weekends of sunshine and fine weather, the UK Bank Holiday weekend has provided us with more typical weather; rain, rain and more rain! I’m not too disappointed though as it has given me a chance to crack on with my decorating and the end results are very pleasing.

 What is clear however is that I am in a period of high energy both physical and emotional and as well as having seemingly endless get-up-and-go, my brain is hyperactive to the extent that I have had little sleep this past week. I know that I must curb this activity and make sure that I rest and relax to recuperate otherwise I will undoubtedly reap the rewards of my efforts by heading towards a downward mood spiral. So, all the paints, brushes, scissors, spirit levels, sandpaper etc have been stored away out of sight in the garage and I am determined to do very little over the next couple of days.

This sounds a very sensible approach but it can cause difficulty with my general mood. I like to keep busy so that I fend off negative thoughts and deflect the enemies which threaten my mood stability.

This is where I have a conflict. To do, or not to do. That is the question.

I think that having spent a lot of energy over the past week, I must be running close to empty although I don’t realise it. That’s the thing with this chronic fatigue illness. You can think you are well when you are in fact dangerously close to burning yourself out and it hits you like a ton of bricks; out of the blue and before you know it, you can’t get out of bed in the morning. Tired and weepy, depressed and hopeless. That is exactly what I don’t want to do and therefore I must manage my schedule.

Back to writing, reading, photography, sorting out my books, watching the sport on TV and planning my upcoming trip to Iran in June. All activities I can get on with without getting off the sofa.

Sounds perfect? Not for me. I find it difficult to sit still for 5 minutes let alone take it easy for 2 days but needs must.

But the good side is that I can sit and reflect on my achievements and lovely spring garden. It was all worth it.






Chilling out

After a shitty court case last week, I needed to chill out this weekend and collect my thoughts ready for another week on Jury Service.  I am on standby again tomorrow and am beginning to wonder if the selection is as random as they say. Whilst any crime which makes the Crown Court cannot be “nice”, some crimes are undoubtedly less emotionally demanding than alleged child sex abuse so here’s looking forward to a good fraud.

My way of chilling this weekend involved making and doing things whilst watching the sport and crime drama repeats on Alibi TV. I needed to make some cards for upcoming  birthdays, and I decided that the front bedroom desperately needs decorating. As hubby is not really the “decorating” type, it falls on me to get started.  I love decorating as it’s really only scrapbooking on a larger scale and I know all about hanging wallpaper, priming and painting, filling and sanding, so I am in my element. Sadly however I ran out of filler, I couldn’t take the manky cupboard doors off their hinges and the electric sander is required to remove the plaster bumps left by the builder we employed three (yes 3) years ago. Whilst I love decorating, I have a fear of electric tools; drills, sanders, paint removers are “men’s work” so I need to speak nicely to hubby if I am to progress.

When I was waiting for paint/filler to dry, I did make some cards for my twin niece and nephew who are 25 soon; a ” New Home” card for my neighbour Jenny who is moving in 2 weeks time 😦  and a Father’s Day card for my ex-husband, Will’s dad. We will miss Jenny, her dogs and chickens. She has been a lovely neighbour for six years and we are very sad to see her go. Hubby did try and sabotage the move but was thwarted in the end and she has her wish to move closer to amenities. (We have no shop, no garage, no nothing, so it has limited appeal unless you have a car or don’t mind living in a commercial wilderness).

So, all in all, a relaxing weekend was had by all and here are some of the fruits of my labours;