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One Happy Hooker

After “Stitch & Bitch” (knitting) and “Scrap ‘n’ Yap” (scrapbooking) and some inspiration from Clothmonkey and Stitchthis, I am now a “Happy Hooker”.

In other words I went shopping yesterday and bought myself a crochet hook and a book in the hope that I can add crochet to my list of “yes, I can do that”.

Learning a new skill is frustrating and slow-going and I will need to be very patient if I am to produce anything of merit (refer to aforementioned Clothmonkey and Stitchthis for some lovely examples of what can be done) and as yet, I’m not sure whether I have enough patience to continue. It’s a good hobby to take on the train as it is compact and portable and a big advantage is that I can sit next to someone and not disturb them with flaying elbows. With all the travelling that I do, this should be enough incentive but we will see. I must persevere.