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Have you noticed a change yet?

After a week of intensive Blogging has anyone noticed a change in their writing style or content? I have. I feel like I have been on a journey already and am really only just beginning to find my feet in this WordPress world.  If my writing and attitude has changed so much in a week, what will it be like in a year? Who knows but it is a fascinating development and one which I am enjoying immensely.

It is a long time since I have done any creative writing and I have missed it. Having put this side of my personality to one side for almost 30 years whilst focussing on a number-based career, all those pent up ideas and frustrations are pouring out and it feels like I’m being purged of everything that I have wanted to say for so long but have suppressed. It feels good but I’m wondering when it will stop, or even calm down. Even volcanoes run out of larva eventually.

One thing is unmistakeable. The more I write, the more of me appears in print. From being obsessed with facts and information, I am getting more confident in showing the real me to the world. Little by little I am emerging from my cocoon and I’m liking what I see. Perhaps by continuing with Postaday2011 I will by the end of the year if not before be able to look myself in a mirror and like what I see.

Fingers crossed.