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Critical thinking

My 15 year old son studies critical thinking at school and apparently he is “outstanding” at it. When I discovered that part of the critical thinking syllabus is all about arguing your case successfully I could have told his teacher that he is a world-beater and undisputed champion of critical thinking in our family.  In fact, can’t most teenagers argue for England already? Do we really need to encourage them to do it better?

Actually yes, and whilst critical thinking is not valued as a qualification in its own right by many top universities, it is a subject that compliments others  very well and provides a base from which arguments and discussions can be constructed successfully. Critical thinking also encourages you to challenge what you read, see or hear so that you don’t blindly believe everything put in front of you.  This does not just provide an academic advantage, it is also a useful life-skill that he will be able to apply to almost everything he does. Lord help us all.

So every week when he comes home  he will be that much better at identifying and resolving dilemmas, analysing and evaluating arguments, understanding ethical issues and unravelling the complexities in his world.

We could all do with some of that.

Maybe more critical thinking and less self-critical thinking would help in the battle against the blues.

Good news

I met a friend for a coffee and a chat this week and was heartened, thrilled actually, to find out that his life is turning around dramatically from what it was a few months ago when the depression monster was wreaking havoc with both him and his  family. Things are now looking much brighter for all concerned and with one last piece of the jigsaw needed to complete the puzzle there is huge potential for a new life, new opportunities, health, happiness and fulfilment. How brilliant is that and all in a relatively short period of a few months. It won’t have felt like a few months to him and there is a way to go yet before he is back to normal, but good news is a great impetus and I saw an excitement and energy starting to creep back in. It’s a while since that has been evident and it is fantastic to see these green shoots of a remarkable recovery. I treasure these moments and I hope that the story doesn’t end here.

I wanted to share this experience with you all to show that things can change. Hang in there. When everything seems hopeless, you feel useless and others feel helpless, don’t give up hope. Miracles do happen. Opportunities arise and you need to be ready for them so, underneath all that despair and doubt, keep believing. It will happen.

Mirrors of the unseen spirit

Mirrors of the unseen spirit

Suspended silver
Forever the enemy
Surface reflection

One dimensional
External imperfections
Appearance deceives

Ugly, flawed, distressed
Hidden deep but visible
Beauty lies within

Watch and wait. Focus
Penetrate distasteful husk
Pierce your true self

Inner soul shines through
Spirit moves, escapes the chains
Emerges, released.

Shake and look again
Eyes, full of hope, honesty
Love to give, to share

Beyond the wrapping
The real treasure lies in wait
Discard the fear. Live.

Have you noticed a change yet?

After a week of intensive Blogging has anyone noticed a change in their writing style or content? I have. I feel like I have been on a journey already and am really only just beginning to find my feet in this WordPress world.  If my writing and attitude has changed so much in a week, what will it be like in a year? Who knows but it is a fascinating development and one which I am enjoying immensely.

It is a long time since I have done any creative writing and I have missed it. Having put this side of my personality to one side for almost 30 years whilst focussing on a number-based career, all those pent up ideas and frustrations are pouring out and it feels like I’m being purged of everything that I have wanted to say for so long but have suppressed. It feels good but I’m wondering when it will stop, or even calm down. Even volcanoes run out of larva eventually.

One thing is unmistakeable. The more I write, the more of me appears in print. From being obsessed with facts and information, I am getting more confident in showing the real me to the world. Little by little I am emerging from my cocoon and I’m liking what I see. Perhaps by continuing with Postaday2011 I will by the end of the year if not before be able to look myself in a mirror and like what I see.

Fingers crossed.