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Hat boxes

I woke up early this morning and immediately made the decision to trot along to the local car boot sale in search of IKEA mini drawers and other bargain items to decorate and upcycle. I was on site by 7.30am and already there were hundreds of people already set up and selling their bits and pieces.

My main objective was to find some IKEA drawers so I walked quickly up and down the rows and luckily I found two sets at real rock-bottom bargain prices. I couldn’t believe my luck but more about those as and when they get the upcycling treatment.

As well as the mini-drawers, I found a set of 3 hat boxes which I bought for £2. They were sitting on the trestle table, looking very pale and sad just crying out for me to take them home and brighten them up.

So I did.




One man’s rubbish……….

is another man’s treasure.

My Facebook friends will already be familiar with the second-hand IKEA chest of drawers that I have “up-cycled” this week but for everyone else, this is what can be done with a £3 bargain from a car boot sale, some funky paper and glue. All mixed with a little imagination and desire to make something nice out of a rejected piece of furniture.

Not only is my new chest of drawers decorative it is also extremely useful. I have transferred my inks, glitter glue, stamping equipment and ink pads to the 6 drawer chest so they are now kept in sumptuous luxury!

You too can upcycle items around the house that you are fed up with, or which are languishing in garages, shed or spare rooms just waiting to be re-born.

I am currently revamping a wooden fruit bowl which has seen better days and which is gradually taking on a new lease of life being covered with Decopatch papers.

Decopatch is simple, relatively cheap but most importantly good fun. So grab all those things that need a make-over, engage imagination and creative tendencies and give Decopatch a go. You won’t be disappointed.