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Phoenix Rising


Phoenix Rising

I look up at the stars.
Bright, familiar patterns
Winking at the moon.

Now I wonder, dream.
My brother. Is he watching
The same stars as me?

A bond is forming.
Hands stretched across the ocean.
Fingertips touching.

We share so much pain
But the joy of connecting
Washes it away.

Magical brother.
You make my cares disappear.
Peaceful calm restored.

You rise from the flames.
New hope adorns your person.
Tears fall, healing wounds.

Wings outstretched you fly.
Free to soar unchained. Released.
Old thoughts left behind.

No illusions here.
Weave your magic. Spread your love.
No tricks, just wand of joy.

You are not alone.
A ring of angel sisters
Encircle you now.

To comfort and pray.
To share in your resurgence.
To guide and support.

Brother, we are here.
We love you and watch you grow
Stronger, happier.

Take good care big bro’.
You were lost but are now found.
Don’t leave us again.

The bindings of love
Entwine our dear hearts with yours.
May peace be with you.

My brother.