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The colour of calm

With the onset of autumn I feel much calmer, more in control and most of all I feel optimistic for the first time in months. I believe that I have the ability to change my life into a place I want to be and I am at last confident that all will be well in the end. But instead of feeling “blue” as in melancholy or unhappy, my particular shade of blue is one of calm and peace. As a result I have updated my Blog to reflect this new positivism using a photograph of a blue butterfly taken earlier in the year. Still and quiet this beautiful creature sat slowly folding its wings to a slow rhythmic beat whilst I watched, my eyes becoming heavier and heavier with each wave.

Even the names associated with shades of blue are somehow comforting. Azure, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, indigo, midnight, sapphire and slate. Conjuring images of hazy summer skies, warm seas, spring flowers in cottage gardens, rainbows, moonlight and stars, rich jewels and cosy Cornish cottages.

I hope you like the new layout and fresh, calming blue.

I do 🙂


Child Abuse Awareness month-Blue is the colour

I started my blog a while ago now to share my journey through the roller-coaster that is depression in the hope that it may help others who experience similar issues. It was clear from the start that some of what I had to say resonated not only those with depression and anxiety, but with those who had been the victims of abuse. Child abuse in particular must be one of the most heinous crimes committed and has wide-reaching, long-term damaging effects.

It has been brought to my attention that April is Child Abuse Awareness month in the US and have been asked to contribute something “blue” via my Blog. This I am more than willing to do if it helps to highlight this issue-even though I have just painted my Blog pink! So this month I will be trying to Blog Blue as often as I can to join in the fight and hopefully raise awareness.

Blue Ribbon Campaign - MeserWoland on Wikimedia Commons