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Today is World Mental Health Day 2012

Raising awareness of mental health issues is critical if we are to reduce the stigma attached to mnetal illness and help people recover in a safe and understanding environment.

Today is World Mental Health Day and the focus is on the “Black Dog” that is depression.

If you know someone who is depressed and don’t know how to deal with it take time today to find out more about this illness and read up on how you can help.

If you suffer with depression yourself, you must seek help. This is a treatable condition and you will get better. It just takes time. Go and see your GP or contact a relevant organisation for more information.

Information is available from;

Depression Alliance


Royal College of Psychiatrists





Black Dog

Wake up bleary eyed
Long night, no sleep, furrowed brow
Enveloped by dread 

Winter all year round
Surely some sun must break through
Not today my friend 

Back to black, sink fast
No hope, empty and saddened
Deeper in despair 

Go away-don’t care
Numb with bleak desolation
Pray for the long sleep 

A child’s cry, spring bud
Blue sky and toffee ice-cream
Picnics, holidays 

Patiently waiting
Chink of light at tunnel’s end
Wake up, thaw out. Smile!