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Reality check

My Inbox

My Inbox

 I returned to work yesterday after three weeks away; well prepared I thought. Just how wrong can you be?

Alarm set, clothes ready, make-up to hand, train times checked to make sure the summer timetable hasn’t kicked in yet. I had even prepared myself for navigating across the new Birmingham New Street station concourse which has opened during my absence.

So far so good. A little shaky perhaps but I managed to get to my desk without turning tail.

I even remembered my 2 security passwords straight away and logged in to my computer without effort.

Then disaster.

After all my planning and fortitude what I hadn’t prepared for were the 4,894 emails waiting for me when my laptop booted up. I couldn’t believe it; almost 5,000 emails……

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Sabotage.

I gave up after deleting 500 of them and came to the conclusion that if something is outstanding and is really urgent, they will email me again. Not the approach I would normally take but needs must sometimes.

Hey, ho.

Onwards and upwards.