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Strictly or X-Factor?

….what is a girl to do?

Like millions of others. I’m hooked on Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor. I rarely watch TV unless it is sports coverage so for me to want to cook dinner on a Saturday evening so that I can watch these programmes at the same time (I can’t possibly admit to sitting down to watch them undisturbed!) is a strange phenomenon.

But to me it makes sense. I have never aspired to be an actress darlings, and “comedy” leaves me cold but as someone who can have a go at most things without looking an idiot, the two things that I am unable to conquer are dancing and singing. It is this lack of talent that keeps me glued to the TV watching others go through the learning process and emerging as heroes in my eyes for just having the courage to have a go (apart for being paid handsomely of course)

I have always wanted to sing so that everyone stops to listen; and dance so everyone stops to watch. But that is never going to happen so I have to make do with the vicarious pleasure that I gain from watching others succeed to various degrees.

People who know me will appreciate my opinions of Robbie Savage on a football pitch but even before he has taken to the dance floor I have “respect” for the guy.

Go Robbie! (In week 1 at least)