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Altered Art

Changing something unwanted and uncherished into an item much loved and appreciated. That’s my definition of Altered Art.

Today it was the turn of a small set of shelves which I took a shine to at a car boot sale last year and purchased for 50 pence. They have been sitting in my garage for over 6 months waiting for the right moment and today was their lucky day! It was their turn to be altered, up-cycled and given a new life.

From this…….


to this……


Now all I need to do is tidy up……again!


Butterfly bag

This is my latest work in progress. Not quite what I envisaged but there is plenty of time yet to fiddle about with the design so that I get a decent finished product.

I bought the bag from Aldi yesterday, a bargain at £4.99 and perfect for experimenting with stamping onto canvas. I had to prime the surface with gesso first and painting the butterflies has been much more difficult than I anticipated. There have been several moments when it almost ended up in the bin….BUT as I keep telling myself, “there are no mistakes in art” and “if you never make mistakes, you never make anything” so I will keep going and see what I end up with.