“Good” mental health

We all have mental health. Just like we have physical health and need to look after it, so we should take more care of our mental health. Or so they say.

Whilst all the advice about how to maintain good mental health is undoubtedly useful, my mental state does not depend on how much gentle exercise I do, how healthily I eat or drink or how much work I have on hand. I know this because over the years I have made lifestyle changes and they have made no difference to my mood or outlook. Lately, I have made no changes at all and yet I feel so much better.

I still take my medication, my diet could be better and I could certainly get around and move more yet I feel so much better and more stable emotionally than I have done for years. Not two or three years but maybe 10-15 years. So why is this?

Who knows and I am not saying that people should ignore all holistic advice and let nature take its course but I do believe that not all low mood/depression can be “cured” or alleviated by a healthy diet and exercise regime, mindfulness meditation and CBT sessions. This is something that I feel very strongly about and I get very cross when people assume that this is the case. It’s too simple. That’s also why I still only feel 100% comfortable with my Tribe. They understand and they appreciate the individual nature of mental illness in a way that someone who has never encountered a mental illness cannot possibly do.

There is still a long way to go in helping those with poor mental health and ensuring that they are truly integrated into society.

For me, I’m just grateful I am in a period of remission which is (hopefully) never-ending. It’s something I will never take for granted but will enjoy it whilst it lasts.

There is hope.


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