Creature Comforts

Now that my Hedgehog hotel is occupied, I can focus on making comfy homes for other wild creatures and encourage them into my garden.

It appears that I have already made great strides with allowing the weeds, like groundsel, to grow. Groundsel is a favourite of the Cinnabar moth larvae which turn into beautiful black and red adults. Although they are common and fly during the day,  I haven’t seen one in my garden before but they are very welcome to bring their striking colours along to brighten up any dull patch.


Cinnabar moth in my garden

One of my next projects is to create a “Toad Abode.” I have spent some time sawing the apple tree branches which hubby lopped off in early spring into small logs and collected some old brick pieces and large stones to make one of these frog and toad homes. Part of the feature is built below ground and part above. This gives them access to the cracks and crevices between the stones and logs and somewhere which is cool and damp in the summer and frost-free in the winter when they hibernate.


Logs for the “Toad Abode”

Of course when creating a wildlife garden you have to plan a complete ecosystem in your back garden. A food chain is necessary if the creatures are to survive. I was very pleased therefore that someone has very kindly donated a fabulous piece of tree trunk which is old and dry and is home to all sorts of insects already. These tiny creepy-crawlies will provide food for birds, hedgehogs, frogs and toads and so is a very welcome addition to my project.


The creepy-crawly log

Old wood stacked up in piles creates a very simple home for lots of insects, amphibians and hedgehogs. I didn’t have to pick up too many branches to saw up before I came across a host of snails. They looked quite pretty with their multi-coloured swirly shells.



Snail Trail

I have lots more to do and I have booked a weeks holiday in July so I can crack on with it properly. Now I’ve started I want to get the basic structure in place so I can plant up and get it ready for next Spring.

If you have any good ideas for creating a wildlife garden or tips what not to do, please message me. I will be very grateful for any advice.




3 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. So very different. Here, a pile of wood would invite scorpions, spiders, roaches, snakes, and ants. I’ll continue to enjoy your garden. 🙂

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