Back to my roots…..

but surprise, not those of my new wildlife garden.

My project had to take a back seat whilst I travelled down to Guildford with hubby to celebrate my Auntie June’s 80th birthday. Not only was this a wonderful celebration for her, but gathering her family around from far and wide also meant that I was able to meet some of my long-lost family for the first time, or, for the first time since my father’s funeral in December 1987. Although I have managed to establish contact with most of my cousins via Facebook, it’s not the same as meeting them and their families face to face so I couldn’t wait to get there.

The evening was a great success and Auntie June looked lovely. I can’t believe that as the baby of four siblings, she is 80 years young! My father was the eldest of the four, ten years older. Auntie June idolised him to the extent that she wanted to marry him when they grew up. Sadly, he was the first to die at the age of 61 but I’m sure he was there in spirit on Saturday.

I  was estranged from my father’s family when my parents divorced and with my mother being an only child, I grew up amongst a small family. I am making up for it now however as I have eight cousins and other halves; their children and grandchildren and I also have a step-sister and brother and their families.

Phew! I may have to send a few Christmas cards this year!!!




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