Fidget quilts

I came across fidget quilts for the first time last week. Also known as “Busy Blankets,” these small lap quilts are designed for dementia patients who can sit and “fidget” with the attachments which may also trigger memories and discussion if they recognise some of the elements used.

The great thing about these quilts is that you can make them with scraps and bits and pieces that you may have around the house; left-overs from previous projects, small bits of ribbon you struggle to use and all those buttons inherited from granny.

My first attempt at a fidget quilt is made from a piece of material I was intending to use for something completely different, then I changed my mind and the fabric has been languishing in my stash for at least 4 years. It is perfect for this project as I thought that the sewing subject of the fabric together with the bits I have lying around would complement each other and I came up with a quilt suitable for a lady with a previous interest in sewing/crafts.

Let me know what you think?




4 thoughts on “Fidget quilts

  1. What a great idea! I’m saddened to admit I didn’t keep my grandmother’s collection of buttons. I was young and foolish, not realizing the treasure I held. The quilt is amazing.

    • I used to love my grandmother’s button box! Buttons have always been treasure to me-even though I didn’t do anything with them! Thanks- I enjoyed making the quilt and have so many ideas for different people 🙂

    • Thank you. I agree that some lap quilts/cushions/aprons are pretty sparse on activities but surely the whole point is about stimulation so as much as you can include without it being overwhelming has to be the aim 🙂 I’m sure you can sew! It’s only putting bits and pieces together in straight lines!

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