114 Days of freedom-Days 5 and 6

Quilting took over my life yesterday to the extent that as soon as I had finished sewing, machine smoking, I went straight to bed. Hence, no “Day 5” of my 114 days of freedom. Instead, I have combined days 5 and 6.

I’ve always thought that patchwork quilting was more appreciated by the “older” generation, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest shown by Will’s housemates at University, his girlfriend and, especially by some of his mates (lads). Having said that, I am aware that at least one of his friends from school would like a quilt but doesn’t “dare” ask! I’ll leave it until I have finished my current commissions then contact him direct.Boys!

I currently have three quilts on the go, all at different stages; one is ready for quilting (disappearing 9-patch), one I am hand-quilting and I have just started the third this evening. A “disappearing 16 square” pattern which I have never tried before.

Quilters quilt for many different reasons. I was originally put off quilting because I wasn’t interested in the intricate putting together of small pieces of fabric, following difficult patterns and matching every seam to perfection.

I started to patchwork quilt as a child, hand-sewing hexagons together to make bedspreads and large floor cushion covers. I loved doing that. As as adult, my primary driver for quilting is colour. I love colour. I didn’t think about this until I started scrapbooking in earnest and many people commented on my use of colour. To me it is natural to put certain colours together which quite clearly to some, would be counter-intuitive. When I think back, when I wanted to decorate my front room in brown and blue I went to the specialist paint shop to get the colours I wanted mixed specially. I knew exactly which colours I wanted and it took a while for the guy to come up with the right mix. When he handed me the two tins of paint I always remember him saying, “Brave choice but it will look fantastic.” To me, it was quite run-of-the-mill and just different from swathes of safe Magnolia.

My quilts are therefore based on very simple, easy to do but interesting patterns focussing primarily on the use of colour. I believe that if I am using strong, co-ordinating  colours and quality fabrics, the pattern needs to be simple so that the quilt shows off the colours to their full extent. Quilts which combine amazing fabric patterns with intricate quilting patterns look messy to me and neither are shown to their full beauty. Of course this is my personal opinion, but I will stick to simple patterns and amazing fabrics for my quilts. It seems to work 🙂

Other reasons that I quilt;

  • I love making something useful. Ok, so I have piles of quilts that I have made which are stored in bed-drawers, but they are all called into use at different times. This year, I will be taking a couple over to our house in Iran.
  • I love making quilts as presents. Many of my friends are crafty/creative and my lastest acquisition are two crocheted beanie hats to match my pink and navy dog-walking wellies. In return, I will make a quilt. I love giving presents.
  • It is relaxing. To absorb mayself in colours, numbers, patterns and piecing together is to forget everything else and focus on the present. I am hopeless at Mindfulness as explained by the experts; To me, quilt-making is my Mindfulness.

I have boxes of gorgeous fabric just waiting to be made into quilts. But which colours scheme will be next?




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