Iran-Spring 2015

I have just returned from our annual trip to Esfahan in Iran where we visit family and friends. I have lots of adventures to write about when I get my thoughts organised but in the meantime, today I have completed my travel journal which records my memories, thoughts, opinions, photos and bits and pieces that I collect along the way.

I like to keep a journal as I go along and always write down the little things. It is often these that I forget but which bring back vivid memories when I read my journal later.

This year I discovered Simple Stories plastic pockets which have been amazing and have made my journal not only easy to put together, but with their varying sized pockets, has made it all the more interesting and visually pleasing.

For anyone contemplating keeping a travel journal I would definitely have a look at these as they also keep everything dry, safe from spills and rain.

Here are a few examples of the 120+ pages I put together whilst in Iran, completing it today with photos printed off in various sizes here in the UK.


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