Lavender for anxiety and depression


Lavender Fields by Christine Anne Shaw

One day I’ll walk in lavender,
hip deep amid the scented fields
where flower heads on long spiked stems
look up at me. A white hat shields

my sight from blazing sun. My skin
aglow from heat and on my arm
a wicker basket filled with blooms
will add to all the fragrant charm.

And all that I can see ahead,
a never ending purple sheet.
A sea, alive with working bees,
a royal carpet at my feet.

And who will be my company?
My dear, I fear it won’t be you.
A veil obscures, you do not see
there’s Heaven in the morning dew.



I love lavender. I had a lavender hedge in my garden which I ripped out last year due to my neglect and really must plant another. I have lavender incense sticks, pillow mist, massage oil and bath bombs. I do find it therapeutic and relaxing which is not surprising given its history.

Lavender is a herb and it flowers can be pink or white as well as the traditional pale mauve/grey. It can be used in a number of ways and is therefore one of the most versatile plants you can grow in your garden. As well as attracting bees and butterflies whilst growing, the flowers can be dried or pressed for their oil to make pot-pourri, herb pillows, perfume and soap.

Honey made from the bees feeding off lavender flowers is, as you would expect, delicious and fragrant. You can also make lavender vinegar by adding a few sprigs of flowers to the vinegar and leaving it to brew for about a week before using.

It is for its medicinal properties that lavender comes into its own and is traditionally used to help treat depression and anxiety by inducing a relaxed state of mind. I find it a useful supplement in times of stress and a cooling lavender and peppermint “headache” balm rubbed into my temples can work wonders. It smells delightful and just the massaging can send me to sleep!

Today hubby and I went to the seaside for the day and on the way back, called in at Norfolk Lavender- “England’s Premier Lavender Farm.” A lovely place and makes a fascinating visit.

Here are the photos;

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