Happy, happy, happy birthday to me!

I have always loved my birthday. It is my special day and every year having circumnavigated and conquered whatever life throws at me, I celebrate another year that I remain intact, still here and still sane. I know many people who don’t like to mention their birthdays as they get older, but for me, it is a true and genuine celebration of life. My life and everyone in it and the more birthdays I celebrate, the more successful I have been in fighting the severe bouts of depression which have threatened a number of birthdays over the years.

So here I am at the tender age of 51 with so much to look forward to that it is a joy to be living. It may be wet, grey and drizzly this morning but nothing can dampen my good mood. We took my son to Swansea yesterday to have a look around the University campus and find out more about the geography course he wishes to study. He is a young man who makes me very proud. We also have my gorgeous nieces’ wedding to look forward to in April-that’s approaching too fast! In between, there is ย Hen weekend in London, more work to do on the Disability Confident initiative and goodness knows what else to fit in.

Always in the back of my mind however is a little voice telling me to be careful, not to overdo things, rest, relax and enjoy life at the speed of tortoise not hare. I’m trying but it’s hard not to get caught up in all the excitement and activity. So far, apart from the foggy brain, it seems to be working.

I’m off to enjoy my day ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday cake


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