Depression is indiscriminate

If depression was a person, it would have received every honour and award going. OBE; MBE; CBE; BBC Sports Personality of the year; Oscar winner; Nobel prize Winner……………

It is completely anti-racist, 100% non-prejudiced about race, colour, intelligence, ability, gender,financial success, sporting prowess, personality type, job, weight, religion, ideology, age, freckles, etc etc.

So it never surprises me when talented individuals come clean about their experiences of the “Black Dog.” In the past, we mortals have been influenced to believe that film stars, elite sports people, celebrities, and the financially and intellectually advantaged are somehow immune from depression. Not so but it is sadly comforting to hear stories from so-called privileged individuals that all is not well in their world for whatever reason. I would never wish depression upon anyone. Ever. But as the world gradually wakes up and acknowledges that depression is indiscriminate, so we all have hope that we will be taken seriously and appropriate help will be available.

So good on Brett Seymour, a giant of a rugby league player for Castleford, who has told his story of depression and how he considers himself lucky to be alive today. A big, strong, talented sportsman, why on  earth would he believe that the best way out would be to end his life? That’s depression for you.

I too was plagued by this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and uselessness about this time last year and the reasons I am still here are; My son Will, my husband Feri and the continued underlying belief and hope that things will improve. I understand Brett’s concerns and share his pain but am so happy that his demise was postponed! As I expect, were his family.

If you know someone who shows signs of depression, low self worth or is just plain miserable day after day. Reach out. There is help out there so make it your mission to find it.



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