A creative mess

Following on from my earlier post I managed to “persuade” hubby to go and visit his friend in Leicester as I was planning to “open my shop”. This is what he objects to (in the nicest possible way) as he has given up trying to make me tidy up as I go along.

But what I can’t get him to understand is you cannot suppress creative urges just because you are focusing on keeping neat. All that divine inspiration would disappear in an instant, lost forever.

Anyway, who cares when your scrap booking intentions exceed expectations and you make a lovely page like this? I have now prepared 29 pages ready for the photos of the wedding day, hen party (ies) etc and I can’t wait to finish the project although I shall miss it when it’s over and done with. I have had to buy a second album to fit all the pages in as 29 will probably end up as 59 but it will be a very personal present and something which I hope that Pippa and Dan will treasure for a long time.

Pippa's wedding album Page 29

PS We had a different postman today who arrived early and hubby had to sign for the package…..sadly my scrapbook papers arrived in a 12″ x 12″ cardboard box so it gave the game away and I had to confess to my indulgent spending. 😦


3 thoughts on “A creative mess

  1. At least the creative mess is all in one place and not all over the house. I remember creating my photo albums (before scrapbooking was popular, ancient, I know) and I needed the whole kitchen table. You have to spread out the pictures, the materials, a space for shuffling things around…. The page is elegant.

  2. My husband has no understanding either of how I get so messy when engaging in creative endeavors. (It wasn’t until after we were married that I understood he was a ‘neat freak.’) My deepest sympathy. I agree it is much easier if my husband has something to do away from the house. Lowers his blood pressure and ups my enjoyment. 🙂

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