Some people

Some people get my goat. They pretend that they need help when all they want is sympathy for their own mistakes in life. They take no responsibility for what happens to them, but are the first to cave in when things aren’t going their way. That’s an easy way out.

Luckily I am not in contact with this sort of person anymore (I was advised very strongly to rid myself of energy drainers)  but from observing from afar, I pity their family who probably think that that things have “changed.” They believe that this person is now a changed man, thoughtful and forgiving and in a more positive frame of mind now that his circumstances have changed. He has “got away with it”. Those circumstances being that kept him in a job for a number of years, allowed him to build up a healthy pension at the public’s expense and ignored the fact that he was unable to do the job he was employed to do. In addition,I know that he has not been a shining example for anyone in that privileged and respected position. Far from it. he has been as bad an example as I have witnessed. I hope he can live with himself I know I couldn’t.

The problem is that I expect too much of people and especially those in a position of trust and authority. Thankfully I have learned that it is not those who profess to be in a privileged position either by their job or by living an existence which demands the respect of their flock whom deserve respect and attention. It is those who quietly get on with their lives demonstrating the qualities of love, devotion, understanding and tolerance every hour of every day, never swerving from their beliefs and their view of the world just because things are a bit tricky that are the unsung heroes and those who deserve loyalty and love.

My husband is one of those.

2014 will be our 10th anniversary of meeting. We’ve had a few ups and downs like everyone else but I sense that 2014 will be our year and about time too! We have a few things planned and if other things go to plan, there will be no other year like it.

So, I’m more than happy to say “Goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014”.

I might even take Feri out for the evening to celebrate in advance!


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