Don’t fight it

Everything I have read about CFS/M.E includes the advice “don’t fight the fatigue.” That’s assuming you have a choice.

This weekend, I had no choice, and I have spent many many hours in bed asleep or just too exhausted to move. It’s a while since I felt this lifeless but looking back over the last few weeks, I suspect this is a classic case of delayed fatigue after some exciting and stressful events and increasing pressure at work during our busy time of year.

To summarise, I had 11 hours of sleep on Friday night. I followed this with a 4-hour “power-nap” on Saturday afternoon, 14 hours sleep last night and 3 hours of “rest” today. I have no desire to do any craft work, to cut pieces of material ready for my daily commute quilt or even read a book. I am totally drained and my mood has plummeted. I wish I knew what really causes these relapses as I have been trying really hard to avoid over-stretching myself apparently to no avail.

Luckily I see Doc Fraser on Thursday and will be able to chat over the last few weeks with him and try to get back on track to recovery. Perhaps this is a one-off strong reaction; perhaps I still have the cough/sore throat virus lingering longer and outstaying its welcome. Whatever it is I don’t like it so in addition to increasing my rest periods, I will be a lot more diligent about eating more healthily and avoiding unnecessary activity and sadly this will have to include the Christmas parties. I can’t stay out late in town worrying about catching the last train home and still turn up for work early next morning. It’s too much when it takes me 4 hours a day to travel to and from work.

Alcohol is not conducive to recovery from CFS/M.E and it’s no fun being out with a crowd who are gradually getting merrier when you are the only sober one there!

So I will continue with my normal daily routine up to Christmas and into the New Year. I have some wonderful things to look forward to in 2014 and I want to be in the best health I can be to enjoy them.


4 thoughts on “Don’t fight it

  1. So sorry to hear about the relapse. So frustrating. I work for a doctor who specializes in FM/CFS (Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). What I’ve learned is that the doctors know a lot about what it isn’t and not very much about what it is. Praying you’re able to find some answers and recover enough to enjoy this month.

    • Thanks Judy, I can’t believe how quickly this illness can change and lay you low. I thought I was doing well but maybe that’s the problem! You feel better so without knowing it you up the energy output unwittingly. Hey ho, onwards and upwards 🙂 Thanks for your support.

  2. This happens to me quite regularly, in fact I spent most of this weekend crashed on the couch. I’m also trying to get on track with “recovery” and always feel a bit down when I realise my rests/sleep periods are increasing again. Most times I can determine what it was that I did but others there is no obvious reason for the down turn. I’ve been calling these “crashes” because they don’t last too long usually; although I’ve been in a crash state for over a week now. I would love to know the difference between a crash and a relapse… might need to do a bit of research into that.

    • Sorry to hear that and I understand how frustrating it is. I went back to ork this morning wondering where the weekend had gone! I slept it away 😦 I’m not sure that “crash” or “relapse” are medical terms, I haven’t thought of “crash” before but it’s a very good description. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch. I hope you feel better soon.x

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