Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard at putting all the advice provided by Doc Fraser into place so that I make sure that I rest at regular intervals and taper my enthusiasm for all things in front of me. It has been hard but I am reaping the benefits of more energy and willingness to engage with my fellow man. Most people believe me to be an outgoing, sociable and confident person but in fact nothing can be further from the truth and in times of stress I tend to withdraw.

I am now almost back to “normal” ; presenting training sessions at work, telephoning my clients to arrange meetings and generally taking an interest in my work and home life. It is only now that I feel better that I realise just how ill I have been. I would even go as far as saying that it was touch and go at one stage as I fought against the negativity and preoccupation that I would be better off dead.

Thankfully, those days are behind me for the time being and I am now determined to carry on as before, working and living as best I can.

Creativity is again at the forefront of my recovery, and my latest wheeze is patchwork. If it’s not patchwork, it’s not in!

My new Moda fabrics Padstow design bedroom!


6 thoughts on “Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

  1. Dear Caroline,
    Today I discovered that your blog posts have been going into my junk folder for some time. I am sorry I have been silent over what sounds like a really grim time for you lately.

    • Aw no worries Nicolas. Goodness it has been grim I can’t deny that but it seems like I have turned a corner at long last and have the measure of this. The diagnosis of ME/Chronic Fatigue was a little bit of a surprise but makes perfect sense so am now trying to control my energy output so that it is not so manic! It seems to be working so far. Thanks for your concern-much appreciated.

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