Feeling better

Today I think I have turned a corner. I didn’t wake up with the heavy weight of foreboding and exhaustion that I’ve had for over a week and although I didn’t exactly leap out of bed full of the joys of Spring, I did manage to get up, get dressed and was ready to leave the house with hubby at 08.00am this morning.

Why would I get up at this time when I could be lounging in bed? Simply because I can’t allow myself to get into the habit of sleeping in, however tempting it maybe, and a couple of hours in town buying fresh fruit and vegetables, treating myself to 30 minutes of “me” time in Cafe Nero with a skinny cappuccino and the Independent crossword is good discipline for when I return to work.

I was exhausted by the time I got back home at 10.00am but by sitting out in the lovely warm sunshine and treating myself to a pedicure and reflexology, I am much rejuvenated. Reflexology always works for me. It makes sense and Judith is an amazing practitioner. Sensitive, knowledgeable and intuitive, I always come away with more answers than questions!

There is hope. I can be useful and I will be able to communicate with my friends, family and colleagues in time. That’s a lot more than I hoped for when in the grim grasp of depression and again I am grateful for all the support I have had to get to this stage.


It’s a life-saver.



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