Green shoots

runner bean seeds

Today I have one aim. To sow the seeds of my recovery and devise and write-up my personal “Depression Buster Plan”. It won’t be a 5-minute fix but it will  focus on;

Short, medium and long-term strategies for recovery

Aims and goals for sustained improvement over the coming weeks

Plans A, B and C to take into account days where some aims will just be too difficult.

Rewards for success; Rewards for trying; Rewards for not beating myself up when I can’t face Plans A, B or C.

Work, exercise, diet, lifestyle and hobbies will all come under the microscope with the sole aim of reducing stress and increasing resilience.

But first, I need to get outside in the fresh air and space. Hiding away from the world might be comforting but I am in danger of turning into a troll so I will spur myself  on to spend an hour or two looking through my seed packets and decide what to plant this year.

Herbs for the kitchen windowsill, a giant pumpkin for fun, bell peppers and tumbling tomatoes for the patio and I must have some sunflowers for late summer. Everything else I will leave to my better half who is much better at growing vegetables than I am.

It will be nice to measure my progress against my seeds and plants.

Nothing forced; strong, steady, healthy growth with plenty of water, good nutrients and sunlight.


Runner bean seedlings


4 thoughts on “Green shoots

  1. Just harvested a couple of tomatoes. Noticed a tomato the birds are eating so left that one for them to continue to munch.

  2. I love the idea of creating your own personal Plan A, B, and C for overcoming depression. I never thought to do that. I was always simply trying to avoid it or survive it. I like this proactive perspective.

    • It’s a good idea as it doesn’t commit you to one target or aim and if you don’t feel you can manage one goal, there are alternatives which may be more achievable on that particular day. One thing that I have learned with my depression is that I have to take control early on otherwise it will get the better of me and it will be months before I feel well again. A swift and proactive response is critical.

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