It is 7.00 am and after spending two days in bed I am up and showered, teeth cleaned and fully dressed, albeit it my shirt could do with an iron. For those who understand depression these are seen as the triumphs they are. For those who have no experience of this illness, these are the daily tasks that we all take for granted when healthy and feeling good. I take them for granted too but on mornings like today I feel like I have conquered the world.

My advantage in dealing with my bouts of low mood is that I have recovered before and I have hope that I will do so again. My GP as ever has been very supportive for which I am truly grateful.  I am lucky to have a GP who takes the time to discuss my condition and the best way forward. Not everyone has this advantage and I do appreciate it.

At times like these, little things mean a lot. Thank you “Sally” for an uplifting quote for today;

‘All flowers eventually turn to the sun’



9 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I have had times when I have to follow my list of things to do, get up,shower, dress, earrings, breakfast etc. To tick them off one at a time was some days a massive achievement. Unless you’ve been there it is hard to comprehend the weight of exhaustion. You are doing really well. Hugs

  2. Thank you-I have learned to celebrate these achievements, insignificant as they seem to most, as I understand how much effort it takes just to do the basics. I’ve just made myself a cup of tea whoop! whoop! The past 2 days I’ve waited all day until my husband got home at 7pm for a drink as I just couldn’t be bothered to come downstairs. Things are looking up already! Thank you for your kind words of support-they really do help.

  3. This is awesome. I remember someone asking me what I did on a ‘good’ day when I was severely depressed. I told them I got up. They kept waiting for me to say more. I finally explained, “A good day I was able to get out of bed.” Being sick on top of depression, or is it the other way around depression on top of being sick, just sucks. You are up and dressed is marvelous. Hugs, Ruth

    • Hi-It certainly felt like an achievement but I am exhausted now and it’s only 3.30pm 😦 I think I will go and have a power-nap! It must be the drugs kicking in but that should go after a week or so. Zzzzzzzz!

  4. Yay for being up and dressed! So glad you have a GP who works well with you and glad you have friends who send exactly the right quote when you need it.

    • Hi-the support I get here is amazing and really helps in a big way. We don’t have a close family support network living close by and my Big Sis lives 3 hours away, so we are pretty self-sufficient and friends come into their own at time like this XX Thank you 😀

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