Snow at Easter

We still have stubborn snow drifts that refuse to shift in the sub-zero temperatures that we’ve had to endure all week. Snow is a pain in the a**** when you need to get to work, do the shopping and get the kids to school without mishap but when you are on holiday as we were at Easter 2008 in the Lake District, snow can be amazing! I can’t believe that it was 5 years ago that I was walking up Orrest Head in virgin snow above Lake Windermere taking advantage of the peace and quiet with not a soul in sight at 6am! I remember returning to the B&B and waking up Feri & Will for breakfast, then doing it all again as a threesome! They thought I was completely mad but the views were spectacular.

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5 thoughts on “Snow at Easter

  1. I am very pleased to meet you
    I am an Iranian living in Tehran.
    I speak English, I can theme
    Did you know you Persian?
    Year Nbryk I hope you have a good Iranians year
    I am happy to communicate with you via email.

    • Salom! Man Kheyli cami Farsi baladam 🙂 Nowruz Mubarak!

      Have you seen my other Blog-Persian Posts? It’s all about my adventures in Iran. We have a house near Esfahan.

    • Thank you! You are very welcome here and I don’t mind you listing my Blog at all. I love Decopatch- I can’t wait until the local boot sales start again soon and I can look for bargains to upcycle 🙂 As you can probably see, Ikea drawers are my favourite project 🙂 but I have so many now I might have to do something else! Craft work also helps with the depression especially when I am supposed to be resting (I hate sitting still!) as it gives me something to do.

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