A plucking good time

002It’s Good Friday and I don’t have to go to work.  After a pretty hectic and stressful few weeks, this is music to my ears and I am determined to make the best of the extended 4-day weekend. I need to relax and top up my fuel tank as it’s  hovering dangerously close to “empty” and I don’t want to risk the negative effect on my mood by running on the red light too long.

But what to do?

I would like to get out into the garden, not least because I have £100 of National Garden Tokens to spend, but it is far too cold and the ground is solid. It’s not sensible to plant a new border when the forecast is for no change to the cold snap in the near future so an indoor activity is called for……..

I spot my guitar hiding between the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. I haven’t played my guitar for a good two years, maybe longer, but I am tempted. The cover has a layer of dust which needs to be brushed off first but once unzipped I can see that the guitar is pristine albeit a little out of tune. It didn’t take me long to tune it and start plucking away. I’m not a great one for singing along to my amateur strummings but love messing around with chords and arpeggio plucking patterns ready to play for someone else to sing to.

I managed to play for an hour before sore finger pads became too painful on the steel strings and had to give up but now that the guitar is out of hiding I am sure it will become a more regular pastime again.

Now where’s my clarinet?????



Guitar player


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