In my role of Mental Health Champion at work, I have been invited to attend an event at the Barbican, London next Monday evening. It features Ruby Wax and is part of the series, Wonder: “Art and Science on the Brain” a collaboration between the Wellcome Trust and the Barbican Theatre.


Join comedian, actress and converted neuroscientist Ruby Wax for a journey from the heights of fame to the depths of mental illness and back again. How has understanding her brain shaped Ruby’s career, depression and life itself? From celebrity interviews and Absolutely Fabulous to the Royal Shakespeare Company and stand-up comedy, Ruby has led a life of success and fame. 

She has also experienced depression and debilitating mental illness, a subject she treats with dark humour through her shows ‘Losing It’ and ‘Out of her Mind’. As she has learned to cope with her mental illness, and with a growing number of degrees in brain sciences under her belt, Ruby’s perception and understanding of her condition offers a fascinating insight into the way our mind and spirit works. But how much does understanding her own brain change this perception and what’s actually going on in there? This is her tale. 

With Claudia Hammond, award-winning broadcaster, writer and presenter of All in the Mind & Mind Changers on BBC Radio 4 and the Health Check on BBC World Service”

I am looking forward to hearing what Ruby has to say about her experiences of mental illness as I have read a lot about her, but have never heard her speak live. I’m sure it will be fascinating and I will let you know!



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  1. It should be fascinating. I’m not a big fan of Ruby Wax generally (comedy leaves me cold) but I understand that she is very interesting when talking about mental health issues. I hope that the late night (I have to travel back home form London afterwards) will be worth it!

  2. She sounds interesting. I know I used my trying to understand my mental illness as part of what I did with my photography work. I look forward to hearing your review.

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