Where has she been?

Well, talk about the Prodigal Daughter……I’m back!

In the 3 months since I last blogged I have achieved so much that it seems almost obscene to write about it-but from someone who has at times been crippled by depression, I only hope that my turnaround and enjoyment of life as it currently stands will inspire others to sieze the moment as and when they can, and  give everyone hope that things really can and do get better in time.

More about the detail in good time but until then, have confidence that things can change, and do change for the better, but you have to help to make things happen…………………………



7 thoughts on “Where has she been?

  1. I was thinking about you, today, and here you are! It’s good to see you, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the last three months!

  2. Always welcome and a respite from depression is always to be savored and enjoyed. I notice the bouts of depression are fewer and shorter. Good days come many times more often. Sounds like you are noticing the same thing. 🙂

    • Nicolas, you are absolutely right and if I can provide hope to others that things can and do improve I will…..I happened to change job at just the “wrong” time and combined with other stiff going on just haven’t had the time to write. However, I’m hoping to get things back on track gradually. Thank you for your support 🙂

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