More drawers

My sister was well into her forties when, at a dinner party, I understand that she confessed to still having knickers bought by our mother when she was at Uni on the basis that “a girl can’t have too many drawers”!

I went to boarding school and it seems that I suffered the same fate as Big Sis and was wearing mum-supplied underwear for many a year despite claiming that I hadn’t enough drawers for my drawers.

Perhaps that explains my love for upcycling chests of drawers as a hobby as and when I can get hold of them-subconsciously thinking that I need wall-to-wall storage for my underwear! If that’s the case so be it, but I enjoy taking in orphaned and unwanted wooden drawers and transforming them into a piece of furniture that is not only functional, but looks good too.

Here is my latest project-just awaiting knobs 🙂

009 008 Drawers

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