Daily Mail star turn……

Depression and anti-depressants-here is the Daily Mail article which I was interviewed for


6 thoughts on “Daily Mail star turn……

  1. I found the article informative. I have a friend who will be on antidepressants the rest of her life, but she was tested and actually does have some brain chemical deficiencies. I never went the medication route because I was afraid I wouldn’t know when I was actually feeling better. At least, that’s what I told myself. I don’t have a clear memory of my NM being on medication. My sister does, and I’m glad I don’t remember. It might be part of the reason I don’t remember. I do remember her saying that she took herself off medication because she missed the highs, which is the last time she ever mentioned manic/depression. From then on, she simply pretended the depression didn’t happen. I also read the comments and have found it interesting what different people took from the article. I thought it was simply stating that medication is often overprescribed by doctors who don’t ask enough questions. Interestingly enough, I’ve measured how deep my depression is by how creative I am.

  2. Thanks Judy- the comments are indeed interesting. I don’t like the title of the article but that is typically Daily Mail so I can’t get too excited about it. Likewise they have taken some of my comments out of context, and made some assumptions which I don’t like and I am also very passionate that everyone’s experience is different and there is no one size fits all cure/treatment. Depression is too complex for that and I don’t think that came across strongly. I was also NOT scathing about GPS…but again, that’s journos for you! 😀

  3. Photo is lovely and the article informative. I learned that many insurance companies will cover medication but not therapy. I spent 10 years in therapy and know that it can be a hefty bill. For me, I chose to stick with therapy understanding that I needed a life make over with training in life skills that are essential to maintaining happiness. Hard thing about therapy is sometimes things feel much worse before they get better.

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