“Everybody wants to be a cat..

because a cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at”  And who would argue with that? Not me for sure. I’m happy being a cat just now. A lucky black cat by all accounts and it seems that not only do I still have some of my 9 lives remaining but like all good cats, I’ve even managed to land on my feet. For the time being anyway.

This week for the umpteenth time I have escaped the clutches of the dreaded Redundancy Monster which has reared its very ugly and unwelcome head again and whilst I live to fight another day, some of my friends and colleagues are not so lucky. Times like these are unsettling for everyone and no one wants to see people worry not knowing what to expect. The uncertainty is painful and damaging to all concerned and I can only hope that those who eventually leave will go on to bigger and better things. The evidence from speaking to those who have already been through this process is that they will and instead of being a disaster, it is an opportunity to reflect and move on. Not one person has regretted the enforced change.

All this is easy to say when it’s not you that’s directly affected but I don’t take my job for granted and count myself very lucky to have the surety and stability for a little longer. I don’t know how many lives I have left but if the Monster returns to get me in the future I still want to be a cat. Independent, feisty and adaptable. Cats will stay loyal to the hand that feeds them whilst the going is good but are quite capable and content to find another provider should their munchies dry up.

Go cats!



7 thoughts on ““Everybody wants to be a cat..

    • Hit publish too soon! LOL! Your attitude is wonderful. I’m a dog person, but in this respect I like the idea of being a cat, landing on my feet.

      • I think you have enough 🙂 There is a lot to be said for raw intelligence combined with a hefty dose of practicality and pragmatism all mixed together with awesome and very welcome (and unusual for our business) creativity.

  1. Laid off and found a new direction. Completed some major goals and moved on to different things. Occasionally wish I was still at my old employer then I remind myself of all the uncertainty, office politics and other junk that happened that didn’t have anything to do with what I did. Hugs. Landing on your feet is good. 🙂

    • That’s good to know and well done! There’s a lot to be said for being in one’s comfort zone but it can creep up on you and stifle your other talents and abilities. I’d like to think that I could adapt and move on to accomplish different goals too. I have a major problem in that I love my job and would find it difficult to lose the challenge and variation I get every day and find something to replace it. I am also lucky in that I tend to be in a different office most days so I get to catch up on all the gossip but I’m never around long enough to get involved in the politics 😀

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