Olympic fever-Inspire a generation

I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I last visited my Blog but that’s the Olympics for you. I was quite blown away and distracted by this amazing spectacle and I had to eat my words that GB could not put on such a fabulous show. From the moving and inspiring 10 week Torch Relay, the eccentricities of the Opening Ceremony to the cheesy music of the Closing concert, Seb Coe was spot-on when he said, “Britain did it right” and we should be very proud as a nation of the achievement. Let’s hope that we can capitalise on all that good work and leave a lasting legacy to a new generation, not just athletic and sporting stars, but every young person who cares to take up the challenge. I am now looking forward to the Paralympics which start on Friday and which promise to be every bit as exciting and awesome as the main Games.

Everyone has their favourite moments of the London 2012 Olympics, and I have many, but what stood out for me was the thought and preparation which went into the Games so that it really became something special. What we did better than any country before us was to focus on the performance, dedication, hard work, discipline and sportsmanship necessary to participate in the Games instead of the commercialism. This may come back to haunt us as there may not be enough coppers in the kitty to maintain our vision and efforts for future Games but for two weeks at least, we were shown what could be achieved. It gave us hope and with luck inspired everyone to dream a little.

“A dream becomes reality when you put a date to it”

Yesterday I took the liberty of putting a date to a young man’s dream. Rio 2016.

My next-door-neighbour is a very talented young athlete with huge potential to achieve big things if he works hard, gets the right training and guidance and goes to bed every night believing that he is good enough. I think he is. His coaches think he is and I hope that he believes in himself.

I hope I haven’t put too much pressure on such young shoulders by calling him “Phillips” ( Phillips Idowu-UK Champion triple-jumper) or booking my flights to Rio in 4 years time but only time will tell!

Go Ike!


4 thoughts on “Olympic fever-Inspire a generation

  1. ‘we did it right’ Absolutely correct. Best Olympic games ever, and we will see a new generation of sports stars come through because of it.

  2. I so enjoyed seeing so much of London again. I’m always amazed and inspired by the athletes’ dedication to their respective sports. I confess: My favorite moment of the Olympics (non-competition related) was the opening bit with Daniel Craig as James Bond and the Queen. Brilliant.

  3. Judy-that bit was superb as was Rowan Atkinson’s Chariot’s of Fire skit! I will do a post about my favourite moments soon 🙂 There are plenty of them!

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