6 months clean

No anti-depressants, no counselling, no psychotherapy, no sleeping tablets, no set-backs, no devastating “lows” and equally, no manic-high energy phases either. No dibilitating exhaustion, no persistent nagging expectation. In short, no depression.

Instead a calmer, more philospohical approach to day-to-day living, accepting slight swings in mood as perfectly normal and nothing to panic about. Final realisation that I’m not Superwoman and never have been (only in my head) and I can only do my best. If my best isn’t good enough, I’m destined for other things but actually, my best isnt that bad.


5 thoughts on “6 months clean

  1. This moved me. Especially in thinking about how it is ok to have ups and downs, variations in mood and not panic. That is something I am learning slowly myself. Well done on your recovery and your blog, lots of love

  2. Thank you, an important lesson to learn if you can. I still have fleeting moments of “panic” but am now able to rationalise why I feel down and it doesn’t last. It can be hard to convince myself but I’m learning through experience that actually, everything will be OK. XXX

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