Beware the saboteur…..

Losing weight is hard enough, but to have a saboteur waiting in the wings is rather galling. Especially when it’s my husband who has promised his support in my quest to be a little slimmer. 

Mmmmm….it didn’t last long.

Inspired by my Facebook friend who will soon  be half the woman she was by the time I next meet her for lunch, I forced myself to change into my new (bigger) running shorts and trainers and headed for the treadmill in the garage armed with bottle of water and sweat towel. (It made me feel good even if I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do much first time out.)

I struggled to remember where the “on” switch is 😦 but managed to sort myself out with a suitable speed (not very fast) and incline (not very steep) and a quiz programme to watch on the TV so I could get going.

I had only walked for 2 minutes when I realised that hubby, bless him, had come into the garage and lit up a cigarette! I don’t like smoke at the best of times, but after psyching myself up to start exercising, I didn’t need to be running through a fog of nicotine and my clothes to smell of smoke. So, I stopped. And I swore. And I shouted. And I stormed off in a sulk.

I’m still sulking but sanguine. Hubby’s still hiding in the Doghouse (local pub).

Tomorrow’s another day.


3 thoughts on “Beware the saboteur…..

  1. Oops. My saboteurs bring me special treats, always high calorie. These are the same people who have criticized me about my weight. BAH! Hope next time is better.

  2. Oh yes, there’s always those as well 😦 and it’s so hard to resist when it’s put under your nose. I have a long day tomorrow (out on the 05.58am train) and not back until late so no treadmill until Thursday
    😦 Hopefully that will give it time for the smoke to clear!! I’ll have to buy a greenhouse instead- the smoke should kill the white fly at least 😀

    • LOL!! Hadn’t thought about the use of the smoke to eliminate a white fly problem. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, too. It gives me a headache.

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