Accessorize to British Heart Foundation- my search for a bag

How many people do you know who would walk into the British Heart Foundation shop, look at a tab-top curtain and think “Nice bag”?

Until this morning I would have said, one and that would be my colleague Sophie a fellow craft-bunny and a wizardess with needles. Whereas I tend to focus on papercraft, Sophie favours sewing, knitting and crochet and I have no doubt that she would come up with something gorgeous from a throw-away curtain.

However, I must have been inspired by my search for a bag in the previous shop accessorize (too expensive) when I came, I saw and grabbed a bargain at the BHF (£2.99). It must be 5 or 6 years since I used my sewing machine but I have to say that having been inspired by Sophie’s makes and enthusiasm for all-things stitched it is time to dust off the pedals and start sewing again.

The curtain actually lent itself very well to my idea and the bag  came together without too many hiccups. So despite some minor irritations such as forgetting how to load the bobbin, how to thread the needle, how to add cotton to the bobbin  (you get the idea) I finally managed to create a useful item out of someone else’s cast-offs. Very satisfying. It is not quite the finished product as I need some cord to gather the bag at the top (ribbon will suffice for the time being) and I need to decide on the handles but they can wait. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

In the meantime, here is a pictorial record of the steps taken to complete (almost) the bag and all for the princely sum of £2.99.

It has to be the bargain of the day! (But if you can beat it, let me know!)

RIP the tab-top curtain. Vivre le Bag!


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